Welcome to the home page for online courses offered by the Joint Program in Survey Methodology (JPSM) at the University of Maryland, College Park. Online courses are offered on a term (quarterly) basis for students working towards a Certificate or Professional Master’s degree. These degrees provide post-baccalaureate training for students interested in broadening their understanding of the emerging field of data science, the conduct of sample surveys, practical applications of data analysis and survey methodology, and data management, as well as developing the skills needed to effectively communicate statistical results.

Tips to Succeed in an Online Coursehelpful tips img

1. Confirm technical requirements: Please read the syllabus for your course and meet all the technical requirements, downlaod the software and applications used for accessing the course material and participating in the weekly meetings. For any technical assistance, please contact IT support at: jpsm-itsupport@umd.edu

2. Connect for a Richer Experience: Instructors are available to help throughout the course. We also encourage students to use the tools provided to ask questions in the forums and to connect with their fellow students.

3. Establish a good workspace: As all courses have weekly online meetings, students are advised to establish a good workspace, free of distractions and background noise, where they can participate in the class discussions.

4. Code of Conduct during live video sessions: Please take care to finish your personal work before appearing for the live session. Please mute your microphone upon entering the meeting and when not speaking. Once the meeting is live, your actions are visible to all so remember to conduct yourself in a manner similar to an on-site course.

5. Stay engaged with the coursework: It is advised to not miss any class and stay up-to-date with the course material posted each week, for the successful completion of the course.

6. Meet the Assignment/Quiz deadline: Be aware of these deadlines and plan according to your schedule so that you don’t miss any assignments/quizzes which could have a negative impact on your academic performance.


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